canapes and drinks

Welcome drinks & Canapes

Mimosa • Spicy Margarita • Watermelon cooler


Tomato bruscetta 
with sardines and fresh herbs

Stuffed mushroom
with ricotta cheese & fresh herbs

Goat Cheese balls 
with apricot marmelade


Variety of Greek meze dips
local cheeses, tarama, tzatziki, eggpland salad with pita bread

Zucchini grilled Carpaccio

Fresh basil, red tomato filet, fig balsamic & olive oil

Cold Shrimps Saganaki
Red tomato sauce, garlic, parsley, ouzo, feta

Beef Carpaccio
Roquefort sauce, rocket, tomato cherries & lime juice

Salmon Tartar
Capers, cucumber pickled, Dejon, avocado & fresh lime juice

Seabass Carpaccio
Olives, fresh red pepper, chives, chilly slice & fresh lime dressing

Grilled portobello
Fresh rocket leaves, parmesan flakes, fig balsamic & extra virgin olive oil

Baked Feta
with thyme, tomato & honey



Greek Salad
with carob rusk & extra virgin olive oil

Capresse Salad 
with extra virgin olive oil

Octopus Salad
with baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes, olives and fresh herbs

Spinach Salad
with manouri cheese, walnuts, figs & pomegranate dressing

Tabouli Salad
with tomato fillet, cucumber, orange fillet, saffron & fresh herbs


Main Courses


Lamp Kleftiko
Slow cooked lamb shoulder with rosemary, lemon, tomatoes, celery and garlic

Grilled Fresh Sea Bass fillet
with thyme, lemon &  extra virgin olive oil dressing

Orzo with Shrimps
soft tomato cherries, basil and feta

Salmon steak 
with fennel and lemon dressing





Wild rice with vegetables


Roasted Baby potatoes


Variety of Grilled vegetables







Live Cooking


BBQ meat & fish selection


Pasta / Rissoto station




Traditional Greek Baklava
with walnuts and honey syrup

Strawberry Cheesecake
with Greek yoghurt & berries

Fruit platter
with watermelon & grapes




Late Snacks



 Souvlaki Skewers

Burgers / Hot Dogs



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